While I was waiting to set up my new room, I dealt with my frustration and excitement by kicking up my (re)organizing efforts a bit (and eating too much chocolate).

One of the problem areas of my stash is my stamps. There are so many great clear stamps these days and they are one of my weaknesses. I subscribe to the Cocoa Daisy stamps, which I love, but haven’t found a way to organize them so they are easy to find and use. So I don’t use them as often as I’d like to. I had started sorting them into old CD cases by type (words, shapes, flowers, Christmas), but got stalled when it became clear there would be a LOT of CD cases to store and label and index in order to find the stamp I wanted. So that project sat unfinished for months. It was starting to look like it was going to be a lot of work to use my stamps if they were stored this way.CDStack


Then I found this video by Mercy Tiara:

And I knew it was the way I needed to store my stamps. I love flipping through things – simple, quick and you know what might catch your eye. Reminds me of going to the record store when I was young – still miss Sam the Record Man on Seymour in Vancouver. Sigh. Anyways…

Tracy’s video shows her adhering the plastic image sheets from her stamp sets on the cardstock. Many of my stamps don’t have image sheets, either because they were thrown away during my CD case organizing, or they are from my Cocoa Daisy kits and simply didn’t come with one. My solution was to simply stamp the cardstock before sticking the stamps on the back. A bit more time, but definitely worth it. And I had time on my hands.LMS_1376[1]

I like the final result. I’m a little surprised that I mostly filled a basket already.