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Debbie Hodge’s Design Critique Workshop last March/April helped me get back in the scrapping saddle. It felt great to be back with this group learning/reviewing design principles, applying them to my pages and getting/giving feedback on what works and what can be tweaked a bit and, of course, laughing all the while!

Focal Points


This is my first draft of Puppy. I took the photo before I finished stitching because I needed to post before the critique group deadline. I figured we could imagine what the title would look like when the stitching was finished. I knew I’d be tweaking the page after class anyways.


Here’s my final version. I love the addition of the stitched frame around the photo and the added texture and colour of the enamel dots.



This page did not turn out anything like I intended. I LOVE these photos of a day last summer when we went sailing in the rain in Halifax harbour. So I ordered some of the Glitz Uncharted Waters collection and started planning how I’d use them. When I sat down to scrap, I got swept up in my memories of the day and found that didn’t use any of the papers, only some of the die cuts and a couple of journaling cards. So much for planning ahead!


I added a watercolour effect under the photos by misting the cardstock with water then spraying and splattering it with a couple different mists. I dried it overnight under weights with scrap paper to absorb some of the water. It almost lies flat now. I also moved the photos a bit and rearranged the embellishments. I like the added focus on the central photo and title block.



These are really old photos from my honeymoon in Spain and Portugal. I wanted to play with an informal grid structure. I’ve had an idea to use some of my 6×6 papers in a four square design for awhile now, so this seemed the time to play with it. This came together I ran out of time to add my journalling, so I simply added to strips to show my intent.

Bilbao Guggenheim

A few  tweaks: I added yellow stitching around my title. I added a few more ink splatters around the edges of the cardstock. I machine stitched around my papers and bent the edges up for more dimension. I also outlined the photos with black marker. And of course, I added my journalling. Hmmm, I just noticed that I left off the grid washi tape in the final version. I don’t really miss it.

Repetition and Unity


Sigh. I love these photos of my oldest son taking photos at the Halifax Citadel last summer. He was just starting to explore photography. Brought back great memories of learning to use an Kodak Instamatic camera when I was his age.


My tweaks: I cut off the red and blue striped edges and added a dark brown ledger paper frame and added some brown ink splatters. I also cut off the colourful arrows on the journalling card. I changed my clusters to vary their size.