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Well. That was a rather longer break than I had intended. I actually didn’t plan on taking a break from blogging. I was sick for awhile, then busy trying to catch up on life, then I simply didn’t know how to start again. Past time to find a new blogging routine.

One of the ‘life’ things I’ve been busy with is the renos to my new studio. There have been a lot of changes since I showed the ‘before’ photos in this post. There were delays getting the tile floor installed that really dragged on. Meanwhile I was thinking hard about installing a built in counter and desk. I got really stuck about it.

Studio 1

This is the back corner of the room. I’ve painted the cedar walls a pale grey. I tried an off white, but it was far too bright. I really like the texture of the siding after it’s been toned down with paint. I plan on putting some Ikea kitchen islands along the back wall for counter space and storage underneath. I’m undecided about installing shelves above them. Not sure about horizontal lines on the diagonals and also how easy it would be to reach them across the rather deep islands.


This will be a sitting area with display/storage shelves along the wall. The walls are a bit brighter than they look here. I was aiming for a faded vintage robin’s egg blue, but they’re a bit brighter than that.


I really love the new door with the ribbed glass insert.

Still left to do:

  • have electricians hook up the radiant heating in the floor
  • install a door knob
  • refinish my sewing desk
  • buy and assemble Ikea islands (I plan on picking up a Raskog cart while I’m at it!)
  • decide on lighting (I’ll have to use track lighting since the ceiling is stained where the old track was)
  • sew some pretty pillows (might get done after I move in)

I’m sure I’m forgetting something, but that’s OK. I plan on moving in slowly and take some time organizing my stash.