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While I’m waiting for my new craft room, I’ve been rethinking how I store my stash. Or rather, how I want to store things in my new room, because I have to admit that the floor and my work table seem to be where most of my stash has been living lately. Or at least the things that I’ve been using. All the things that are put away are being ignored and not used or loved. I tend to use the stuff that I see. But I don’t want my new room to look as chaotic and cluttered as my current space.

So I’ve been cruising Pinterest quite a bit lately searching for inspiration. I found this:

and followed the links to this post on the It’s Overflowing blog. I love glass and have learned that I don’t use the supplies that I don’t see

So I grabbed my crusty old glue gun and some mason jars and went to it.


I ran a line of hot glue along the side ‘seams’ on my jars and stuck them together in a few minutes (not counting interruptions by the shorter members of the family). I used a box lid to make sure the jar bottoms were lined up while I was gluing them together.