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My head is spinning with possibilities. We’re FINALLY going ahead with some renovations in our basement which will give me a room of my own to create/play in. The room currently has an indoor hot tub in it, which will be removed, a new floor put in, and walls and windows repaired. Then I get to add counters, cabinets, shelves and all sorts of other goodies.

Here are some photos of the room before the renovations begin (please excuse the junk):


All four walls and the ceiling are currently covered with cedar planks. At least one wall will be drywalled after the hot tub is removed, so the room won’t be completely wood.  I love the cedar, but am stumped about what kind of floor finish to put in. Dare I use a different wood?


The lighting will need updating!


I love the window area and plan on setting up a seating area with an old Danish modern sofa. My reading spot, perhaps?

I want to keep most of the cedar on the walls and ceiling. The wall that the hot tub is up against will be drywalled. The window will be replaced

The hot tub will be removed next week. Then they’ll pour a floor where it was and assess the wall it was sitting against for water damage and mold. Crossing my fingers on that.

Then we start rebuilding the room, installing heating, flooring, blinds, cabinets and a counter, furniture, accessories. I’m making lists of types of work I want to do in this room, things I’ll want to store there and stuff that simply inspires me.