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If you like scrapping, heckling and Calvin & Hobbes and want to get more scrapping done this month, this is the game for you!

The basic rules are:

1. the rules are subject to change at any time by anyone.
2. layouts = 1 point
3. the layout is the gold standard. all other projects are measured against the almighty layout.
4. smack talking is expected.
5. cheering on your teammates is also expected.
6. the reward is the huge feeling of accomplishment at the end of the month!

The points system is confusing and constantly evolving, but that’s the fun of Calvinball! At the moment it includes points for eating chocolate, scrapping in public, using your scrappy skills for good, reading romance novels, staying up late and, of course, making pages, cards and project life pages. And shopping! A point for shopping! This is my kinda game!

Jump on over to the JBS Mercantile message board to jump in and play along.

My points so far:

  • 1 point for blogging
  • 1 point for shopping

for a (measly) total of 2. Not bad for just finding out about the game a few minutes ago. Tomorrow, I scrap! And get my cleaning point for the week, because I’ll be doing a lot of that this month.