A couple of years ago, I set up a scrap budget system in an attempt to balance my paper spending with my scrapping output.

I am attracted to the idea because it means I have to balance using my supplies with bringing in new stuff. I’m at the point where I am starting to run out of storage room. And I am having trouble remember what I’ve bought and buying duplicates of some papers. And I’ve realized that I don’t like having a huge stash to maintain/organize/dig through so I can scrap.

That motivation still applies, perhaps even more so. I still haven’t found a method that balances my stash accumulation well enough, so I’m tweaking my budget a bit.

So I’ve revised my price list for scrapping credit:

  • Single page layout: $6
  • Double page layout: $8
  • Project Life spread: $5
  • Cards: $2
  • Art Journalling page: $2
  • Blog posts: $2
  • Mini-album: $10
  • Submitting to a challenge blog: $5

But my biggest revision is quarterly budget reviews. This will be where I balance the books and find out whether I purge or splurge. If I’m in the red and have shopped more than I scrapped, I’ll be donating a big chunk of my stash to my sons’ school or a local charity. If I’m in the black, I get to go on a shopping spree. Now if that doesn’t motivate me, I don’t know what will!