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I missed a week of my critique group workshop because life simply didn’t allow any scrapping time while we had a house full of guests for a week. Rather than stress about it, I decided to enjoy their company. So I stayed up late talking, got up early with the kids and cooked a lot of great food. Felt great.

The last week of the workshop focused on balance and unity.

It was hard not to dwell on my sadness that my littlest boy isn’t my dog walking companion anymore when I was scrapping these photos. I miss his running ahead on our adventures in the park. I tried to reflect the late winter, early spring textures and colour of these photos in the products I chose.

I honestly not so keen on this page. It missed the mark for me. It’s a story that’s dear to my heart. I’m quite proud of my new eager new scouts. I’d like the title to be more prominent and the journalling to not look like an afterthought. I like the striped paper and the trees. Perhaps if I had put the title where the journalling is and put the journalling underneath the photos.