I participated in my second World Wide Photo Walk over the weekend. It was a blast. It was everything I had hoped for and needed to feed my photographer’s heart. It’s been too long since I’ve indulged in simply seeing and exploring the world with my camera in hand.

The local walk was at an old ranch yard full of old wood and surrounded by golden fields. Lots of potential that I was eager to explore. The light was a little dull and overcast when we started out. But I was willing to work with that. Then the rain started. We perservered and explored inside some of the old barns filled with hay, old trucks and old farm equipment. Patterns and textures galore. But the rain got harder and many of my fellow photo walkers headed for their cars and gave up. The handful of us who perservered were rewarded a short while later with an easing of the rain and brightening of the sun. Glorious light and colour. Wow.

A few of the highlights:

After the Rain

Step Carefully

A Little Tipsy

Shy Bessy