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I finally went on a twine shopping spree recently. It’s been a love of mine for a while, but I’ve restrained myself to just a handful of colours so storage hasn’t been a pressing issue. Then one of my favourite Canadian online stores brought in a rainbow of colours and I was helpless to resist. As soon as my package arrived, I knew I had a problem. For one thing, I wanted still more colours, but more pressingly I had no idea where to put my new stash. So I did some research. On Pinterest, of course.

These would be great if my twine was on large spools:

Credit: thetwinery.blogspot.com

These looked really cute:

I opted to try this idea because I happened to have a bunch of clothes pins on hand:

And then I needed a container for them, so I altered a plain wooden planter-style box from M’s to sit on my table. Here’s my twine stash in it’s new home:

It looks like I might need a few more colours to fill it up a bit more, don’t you think?