I have a few neglected layouts to share today inspired by this generous blog post. These are pages that I simply haven’t made the effort to take photos of and share because the light was grey, I really wanted to add something, or it was late and I just wanted to go to sleep. Thanks for the prompt to show them some love, Ashli!

Frank Slide

This is from our summer road trip last year. We stopped at the memorial for the Frank Slide in southeastern BC. I remember stopping there as a child and was amazed at how little has grown back in over 100 years.

Happy Day

Simple, fun page I did of my oldest at the beach a few years ago. Not sure what this was waiting for – a date perhaps?

Dream To Be

This one was waiting for some journalling. It’s about one of those turning point moments in my life. When I was thirteen, I borrowed my brother’s camera while our family was on vacation. While taking photos in a park before dinner, I was transported to another world of beauty and wonder as I discovered the power of art. Of course, the photos I took didn’t reflect the ‘vision’ I had, because I still didn’t know how to operate the camera other than pressing the shutter release button, but my world has never been the same.

Lots more to share soon. Lots of pages and projects inspired by True Scrap 3 in the works, been doing some reorganizing of my stash and I still have pages to complete from a weekend crop a couple of weeks ago. I love to get away for a creative weekend, but somehow rarely compete my pages while there. Crops are more about socializing than pages for me, I guess.