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Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

I’ve been thinking about starting a Project Life-style project lately. Which really surprises me, because my first impression of PL was that it was full of ‘rules’ that would take the fun out of creating. But, I like the idea of capturing the fleeting bits of everyday life without doing a layout about every little thing. I’ve been going through some old photos of the boys lately, and am amazed at how much our everyday life has changed in just two or three years. I’d like a place to capture and record some of those details and I’d like a project that would inspire me to take more of those everyday life photos. I also like the idea of using my stash for the project.

What I don’t want is a creative chore. I don’t want to start something that will hang over my head and nag at me to ‘keep up’ or ‘get caught up’. The rules will need to be minimal and flexible. I don’t want to have piles of albums to store if I keep at this for years. I’d like to put it together monthly, but that might not be often enough to make it a habit.

My first question is how to collect my notes for the project. I considered using a notebook, but know that I often just can’t stop to write something down. I’m thinking Evernote might be my best option since I can use my phone and I seem to have become a modern tech-dependant gal somehow. I’ve considered using Twitter, but not sure how much I want to broadcast. I suspect I’ll be gathering ideas and notes from a bunch of places – my calendar, my planner, my journal, Twitter, and all those scattered notes and bits of paper that constantly find their way to the kitchen counter. The challenge there will be to snatch them up before my husband throws them out.

So I’m going to jump in and work out the details on the fly. This weekend I’ll be going to a crop with a few friends and acquaintances. I’ll play with scraps to start a spread or two and see where it goes from there.

My ‘rules’:

  • It’s about the details of everyday life, not capturing the minutia of every day
  • When in doubt, choose the simpler option
  • It’s OK to repeat elements because there’s a lot of repetition in our lives
  • It’s OK to take breaks

So, I’m wondering, do you have a project life album? Do you use the official kit, or make your own? What are your rules?