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Well, I really lost my momentum in the last half of the month. I started working on a submission for the Simple Stories design team call. I really loved this page that I made with their 100 Days of Summer line:

But had some reservations about this heritage page that I made with their Generations line. Suspect that mainly because it’s my first heritage page. Probably best to stick with what I know and do best for a DT call. Lesson learned.

Then I made this calendar frame to help us all keep track of our family schedule. I plan on using white board pens to write our scheduled activities on it. This is a new kind of project for me and I really like the way it turned out.

In the end, I didn’t submit my application because I finally got probate on my mom’s estate and became executrix of not only her estate, but my uncle’s as well. That took the will out of my sails for good. I did dabble with a couple of pages during the last week but didn’t have the heart to complete them or post them online.

But, the creative juices are flowing again thanks to the friendly scrappers at JBS Mercantile and their wonderful game of Calvinball. I think I’m currently bringing up the rear, but I’m not too concerned. It’s got me scrapping and even venturing into new territory with a canvas and a mini-book in the works. Will wonders never cease?