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Day 4 was simply a busy day and I needed to focus on family more than scrapping. So a simple page about something I love.

Took me forever to get around to doing this page, but when I did, it came together quickly and easily. Love this photo, but wasn’t sure how to scrap it.

Silly page about our beloved Boxer on Monday. Papers I love in colours I love with a set of photos I love.

Tuesday’s prompt was “I always thought…” and the only thing I could think of was my mom. I thought we’d have more time. A common thought, but a painful one. I put off making this page, until at last the deadline loomed and I really just wanted to go to bed. Kept it pretty simple, cried, and called it a night.

Wednesday was an active day. I got back on my snowboard for the first time since I broke my wrist last year. I found I could still do it, but that my legs are definitely middle-aged and tire quickly. Came down the mountain tired and sore, so my page was one of my fall-back plans. A simple school photo page for my boys’ school albums. Done.

Thursday I didn’t fare so well. I got my page done, but I didn’t start until almost 9 PM, so I was tired and just got it done. Liked the idea, but the page not so much.

Today, I learned from all my late starts this week and got my page started in the afternoon before the boys got home, then finished off some details after dinner. Nice to have time for other things in the evening.