I took Karen Walrond’s (Chookooloonks.com) Pathfinder course last fall and loved it. One of the first things we did was write a list of things we love doing. Everything we can think of no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. I’ve picked ten of mine to share – not the top ten, just ten quirky things I love to do.

  1. Climbing trees – I really wish our property had a good maple tree to climb.
  2. Hearing myself think – a rare thing these days with three boys in the house and unfortunately I seem to have forgotten how. Even when I do get a few quiet moments, I busy myself and fill the silence with internet stuff or music or chores instead of listening to myself. Need to work on this.
  3. Swinging – not the wife-swapping kind, though! I’m the innocent children’s playground kind of swinger and I’d like to keep it that way.
  4. Seeing cows in a field – not sure why, but they just make me happy.
  5. Walking on an ocean beach. Miss that more than I expected now that I’m living inland.
  6. Printing photos in a darkroom – I miss my student days when I could spend hours seeing images appear by magic.
  7. Driving on long winding highways – always feels like an adventure, even if it’s a well-travelled route. Of course, this assumes there is light traffic on the road.
  8. Finger painting and other ‘kids’ crafts. So fun to get back to basics when making stuff.
  9. Staying up late in a silent house reading in bed. Pure bliss. I love seeing my boys tending to do this already.
  10. Exploring a new city. Love to travel and see how people live in other places.

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