What is inspiring me so far this month? Hmmm….

  1. The LOAD gallery. Really there is such a wide variety of styles and stories to be inspired by.
  2. My paper. For Monday’s layout, I started with a selection of papers and started layering them. Then I found a photo to use and then I added embellishments. It was a fun change of process and helped the page come together quite quickly since I wasn’t overthinking every product selection.
  3. Using my stash. This might seem to be related to #2, but it’s really a little different. My paper has been inspiring me to get started on my pages, using my stash has been inspiring me to stretch a bit when embellishing them. Both are clearing the way for some shopping in my future!
  4. Taking photos. Typically I don’t take many photos in winter. The light is either really gloomy, or blindingly bright, the days are so short, etc., etc. Always an excuse. But I’ve been taking my camera with me when the boys are in ski lessons and spending the time taking photos. It’s great practice to find interesting photos, even when the light isn’t inspiring or cooperating. Haven’t printed or scrapped any of those photos, and maybe I never will, but the practice is helping me see possible photos everywhere I go.
  5. Deadlines. I resist them, and leave my pages until late in the evening, but they are working and I’m getting the pages done. Gonna try to get started earlier in the day, though. Really need to get caught up on my sleep.