Lain Ehmann’s Layout A Day challenge (LOAD) starts again on February first and I’m getting excited to try again. I have participated in a LOAD many times now, but have yet to complete a layout everyday for a month. I have to admit that I wasn’t committed to doing a layout every day the other times I played along. I wanted to scrap more, but wasn’t ready to push myself that hard. This time I am. I have some big creative goals that I want to start working towards and I believe that completing LOAD will give me the momentum and confidence to tackle them.

My usual approach to life and projects like LOAD is rather ‘fly by the seat of my pants’. I have to admit that it’s had mixed results, it works OK for some things, but in the big picture, not so much. So this is what I’m doing to get ready:

  1. Getting warmed up. I have been scrapping quite a bit this week to get the creative juices flowing again after not scrapping since November. No pressure to complete, just do something creative every day.
  2. Making a list of stories I want to scrap. Since the theme this time around is the past and I’ve inherited boxes of family photos when my mom died last year, this is my kick in the butt to start scrapping my childhood and to start recording what I know of my family history. I don’t know all the stories of the photos I have, or even who all the people are, but I want to start writing down what I know. Hopefully I’ll find someone who can help fill in some of the gaps later. I’ll be mixing in plenty of my kids’ stories since those are easier for me to complete quickly.
  3. Organizing my photos, scanning the old photos and printing them. This will be an ongoing chore and will likely be what holds me back from scrapping more of my history in February.
  4. Making page kits. I plan on having at least ten kits made up at the beginning of the month and will replenish every few days. Some of the kits I’m making up will be specifically for the crazy days when I won’t have much time to play. They will be extremely basic and that’s OK. I’ll tackle my pile of school photos on those days.
  5. Gathering and editing inspiration. I have a small stack of magazines at hand, and am pinning lots layouts and sketches. I’ve also pinned a number of Shimelle’s starting point designs. I love these more than sketches lately.
  6. Meal planning – in a fairly flexible way. I am not very good at freezing meals and such, so I am making up a list of easy quick meals and making sure I have what I need to throw something together. I’d like to add take-out to our dinner routine sometimes, but this seems to be more of a production than cooking in our house for some mysterious reason.
  7. Tweaking our daily routines and habits to get that stuff done as efficiently as possible, with the boys being more independent. Hopefully that will be a legacy that will last into March and beyond. OK, so maybe I’m dreaming.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the LOAD 2/12 blog hop and perhaps picked up a few tips and tricks to help you complete the challenge, or maybe even inspired you to sign up if you’ve been undecided.

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