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I first heard of the idea of choosing a guiding word for the year from Ali Edwards years ago. This year, I stumbled across the idea of choosing three guiding words through references to Chris Brogan. In the past, I’ve found one word somewhat limiting. Often another would also be whispering to me as well as my chosen word. So this year, I’m choosing three.

Connect: I want to make new connections in my life with ideas, people, places and things. Being a full-time mom for so many years, and especially being my mom’s caretaker for her last months, has been isolating for me. I need to make time to crop with friends, go for coffee, meet local artists, and basically have a life outside of my family. Also, I haven’t read as much as I’d like since we had Colin. I need to explore ideas by reading regularly again.

Peace: This is a repeat word for me. I chose it as my One Little Word a few years ago. But it has gained new depth of meaning for me. Before I was thinking of the daily chaos of life with three boys and taming the out of control feeling I had. Now, I am looking to make peace with myself and my past. I have many hopes and dreams and desires for my life, but while I am working towards them, I want to appreciate what I have and who I am. Also, I am easily distracted by and seek solace in things. They will never give me the peace I am seeking.

Practice: When I found this word in Ali E’s newsletter yesterday, it echoed and resonated in my mind. It reminds me of track practice in high school and how great it felt to simply run drills. I love the idea of just doing variations of the same thing over and over until you understand it deeply. I did a few pages like this last year, but stopped after two or three. Still thinking about what my practice will be. I’d like to have a few – writing practice, photo practice, yoga practice and art practice. I like the idea of Ella Publishing’s Take 12 Challenge for photo practice – it’s only one day a month after all. A photo a day intimidates me. Although perhaps I could try it for a short period like a week or a month rather that a whole year. I’ve only dabbled in yoga in the past, but have noticed how much more relaxed I feel after a couple simple yoga stretches. I want more of that relaxation in my life.

I haven’t decided yet how I’m going to keep these words in my life all year. I’ll start with monthly reminders to myself to write about how I’m doing.