Finally! I’m taking over the windowless ‘junk’ room next to my scrapbooking room/home office. When we bought this house we didn’t know what to do with it. No natural light, horrible colour of paint on the walls, disgusting carpet, it was small and had a lowered ceiling. The realtors advertised it as a media room, we made it the junk room. What a great place to store an old sofa, holiday stuff, things I didn’t want the boys to find, and all that old stuff that I didn’t want to let go of, but didn’t fit into my current life. That old stuff, now that I think about it, was mostly my creative supplies – the photos I printed when I had a darkroom to play in, my old fabric stash, my old collages, my art postcard collections, my old journals from my angst-ridden youth. Over the years I’ve added stuff, art supplies, and an embarrassingly large stash of boys jeans with holes in the knees that I WILL make something from someday.

So now I need to organize this growing stash of stuff and clear out the extraneous furniture, etc. so I can use it. I am eager to finish painting the walls a clean white and add some decent lighting. Since the room has no windows, I want to make it bright and cheery.

I’ll be playing along with the organize your stuff challenge over at the 2 Peas message boards to help keep me on track. Last week’s  challenge was to make a list of what works and what doesn’t with our space. That’s easy. What works: nothing.