Once upon a time a few years ago, I had scrapper’s block. Sure I’ve had it since, but I’m thinking of a specific bout of scrapper’s block.  Anything I tried just seemed forced and I abandoned it. I overthought every little thing and stressed about not scrapping. Then I found a challenge to scrap without a trimmer – I could only use scissors to cut my paper. Seemed simple enough so I tried it. And I decided to only use white glue as an adhesive so it would be like crafts in grade school. The results rocked my world a little bit anyways. Blew my scrapper’s block out of the water as well.

So now I’m there again. Not as stressed as before, but need to get back in a creative groove for sanity’s sake. So here’s what’s on my table waiting for the errands and running around and daily chaos to subside. Loving the anticipation of knowing it’s there waiting for me to find a spare moment.