Comes at least a little bit of order. I made a couple of discoveries amidst all the moving, rearranging, organizing and packing a few weeks back. I found some old wedding presents and glassware that had been put away in storage and forgotten. Some things will be staying in storage (at least until we’re done with renos), but a couple just had to come out of hiding and find homes.

I love this old cake plate, but I have only the vaguest of memories of using it to hold a cake. I decided it needed to be loved in a new way, so I put it on my scrapping table to hold little things that I like to have handy. Then I added an old jam jar that I  saved from the recycling bin to hold my twine collection. I like having something to hold my little bits up above the general clutter on my table. I do try to clear it away now and again, but it comes back pretty quick.

This has been on my table for a few months now holding bits and pieces of things that I should either put away or use. I also have a shallow dish that I love that holds stray brads and other tiny things. I rarely use brads, but love having a little dish of them about just in case I might want one.