Last week, this is what our kitchen looked like:

I was too lazy to go get a wider lens to show the whole room. Also, my mission was to document the details that drove me nuts about our old kitchen. Here’s a few:

The counters were a textured laminate in a rather dirty pink colour – they just always seemed dirty no matter how much I cleaned them.

There was a counter over the tap, so it was impossible to fully turn on the water. I tried a couple of times just after we moved in and rapped my knuckles pretty hard. Completely dysfunctional. We looked into replacing the faucet, but couldn’t find any short enough to fit under the upper counter.

The Hindenberg, so named by my BIL. We grew used to this and the boys loved being lifted up and having their heads bonked on it (gently, of course) when they were little. Why? Just one of those crazy family things we did. I might actually have fond memories of this.

There were three of these hooks in our ceiling, by the window of course. They actually became rather invisible, but since we have no plans to hang plants in macrame hangers I’m happy to be rid of them.

By Friday, it looked like this:

I’ve been really impressed with how quickly the demolition went and how quickly we’ve adjusted to living in the basement.

Life has been a little busy and chaotic the last couple of weeks, to say the least. I expected moving into our basement to take a lot of work (and it took more than I expected) but I didn’t really expect some of the boys’ emotional reaction. They were quite upset by the loss of the kitchen. I expected that they’d be excited by the construction guys in the house but forgot that the kitchen has been the heart of the only home they’ve known. Things are settling down and they’re getting along a lot better now, but there was a lot of drama and conflict and neediness that first week.