Or at least trying again. I’ve signed up for Lain Ehman’s LayOut A Day challenge for May. I must admit that I have yet to manage completing a layout a day for a whole month. But the enthusiasm of the community and the motivation to get scrapping daily makes it worthwhile. And it makes a great dent in my stash. And I always scrap stories that I might not have gotten around to if I waited to be in the right mood. I think that’s really the motivator for me – it makes scrapping a daily habit. And that’s exactly what I’m itching to start again. So what do I need to do to prepare?

  1. Meal plan. Oh this is big. But we’ll be starting a kitchen reno sometime during May, so I’ll have to play it by ear even more than I usually do. Still I’ll make up a list of bbq and slowcooker meals to turn to and will plan week by week as we figure out the reno schedule.
  2. Print and organize photos. I have an order waiting to be picked up, but will also print some in smaller sizes at home.  I’ll need to go through my photo binders and sort them into batches for layouts.
  3. Journalling. Make notes or simply write it out ahead of time. I have a really hard time switching gears from scrapping to writing.
  4. Pull some papers and supplies that I’d like to work with. I’ll make up a few page kits, but I also like to keep a basket on my table of either new supplies or old stash that I want to play with. That way I have less stuff to look through when I’m scrapping. Easier to make decisions when there’s less stuff to choose from.
  5. Download some new tunes. This might not seem like a scrapping necessity to many, but it is for me.
  6. Relax, get regular exercise and get some sleep. Life is going to be crazy next month around here. Two birthdays, soccer, soccer, soccer and a kitchen reno. I’ll need some coping strategies to help combat my tendency to worry about things that I can’t do much about.