I’ve seen a couple of bloggers recently have systems for ‘earning’ their scrapbooking budget. They set a $ value to completing different kinds of projects, then at the end of the month they tally up what they’ve ‘earned’ to spend on scrapbooking supplies.

I’ve never put any serious limits on what I spend on scrapbooking stuff. Sometimes I get carried away, but never to the point where it affects our family budget. But I am attracted to the idea because it means I have to balance using my supplies with bringing in new stuff. I’m at the point where I am starting to run out of storage room. And I am having trouble remember what I’ve bought and buying duplicates of some papers. And I’ve realized that I don’t like having a huge stash to maintain/organize/dig through so I can scrap. I’ve been taking steps to limit my choices when starting a page. If I really dig through everything, I lose the momentum to get the project done, or even started.

So starting now, here’s my price list:

  • Single page layout: $4
  • Double page layout: $6
  • Cards: $1
  • Blog posts: $2
  • Mini-album: $10
  • Submitting to a challenge blog: $5

There’s lots of great stuff out there that I really want, so hopefully this will help me use up some of the old befor I drown in new supplies.